Our Services

AGROPET INDEX is a full service consulting company that helps both manufacturers and buyers to reach their goals. We give our expertise in the following ways:

Internal analysis

We evaluate company’s needs in order to identify strengths and opportunities. We cooperate with our customers by guiding them on the purchase of new products and ingredients, research of new markets, selection of reliable suppliers, etc.

Logistics optimization

Based on a geographical strategy of sourcing, we offer the advantage of combining goods from different suppliers in the same area to minimize transport costs. We support our customers with qualified freight forwarders according to cargo specifications.

Competitive offers

Thanks to our business volume we give adjusted price quotations.

Post sales support

We monitor shipments and product reception in order to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Business assurance

We protect sellers and buyers equally by supplying our own trading contracts. We provide our deep knowledge of export/import documentation and procedures to get a fast and efficient operation execution.

Updated market report

We provide the latest information about tendencies and fluctuations in order to let customers know the right time to buy.